Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time



New Year - Defining Moments.  The whole story of salvation and Scripture is full of defining moments. God creates moments for the men and women he invites into his larger story. They are moments of insight and understanding, moments when he offers a clean break and fresh start, there are moments in which he gives special encouragement, there are moments when he calls his leaders into something more. In this series, we look at the moments God uses to impact people so that we can be open to receive them. We also look at how we can learn to create moments for others as a way to love them.



Beginning October 15 for six weeks!

We grow not only by the commitments we make but those that we fulfill. Committing to a marriage, a job, or a friendship allows us to grow personally. Committing to learning a foreign language, taking a dance class, or mastering martial arts, and then fulfilling this commitment help us to grow as well.

Likewise, we come to mature as Christians, in Christ-likeness by the faith commitments we make and keep. In this series, we will look at the power of this commitment and the steps we invite people to commit to in our church community. Commit to a life-long journey of growth. You can’t be committed to everything, be committed to the right things.


Beginning September 10

Our identity, or at least who we think we are, forms the foundation of our choices and decisions, fuels our confidence and sense of purpose and determines nearly every aspect of our lives.

This series, kicking off our fall season, will explore our sense of identity and the more solid foundation we can find, beyond money, cars, schools, sports and kids, in a life lived according to what God’s word says about who we are.

Small Group sessions follow-up and go deeper on the ideas introduced in the homily series. Learn more about St Mary’s Small Groups here.


There are times in our lives when we realize, normal isn’t working. We seem to be just treading water, overwhelmed or struggling to find meaning in those activities and relationships that have always been lifegiving to us. Even the life of faith seems to be ‘meh’. We are experiencing a spiritual dryness that infects all aspects of our lives.

Think of your computer. If you have too many programs and processes running, it will slow everything down. Programs begin crashing. The solution? Reboot the computer. So to in the spiritual life. We need to spiritually reboot at times. We need to step back, refocus and refresh ourselves.

This series will reflect on what is needed for such a spiritual reboot. What is it in our everyday lives that we can adjust, tweak or change that will allow such a reboot to happen?

Small Group sessions follow-up and go deeper on the STEPS introduced in the homily series. Learn more about St Mary’s Small Groups here.


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