Peace in Syria

Like so many around the globe, the shocking photos and videos of those who were victimized by chemical weapons in Syria has hit each of us over the head.  As politicians continue to debate future actions, let us remember our call as Christians and as people of faith to pray for an end to the senseless violence that plagues the Middle-East.  To see the image of anyone who has been killed is in itself horrific, but to see young children deprived of a life long-lived is so sickening and saddening that the only thing we can do is reach out with hearts and minds that assure people we will never meet of our prayers.  Take some time today to pray for peace in Syria.  Take some time to pray that a lasting solution might be found so that the current conflict will be resolved peacefully lest more innocent lives be stolen.

Might I suggest the following prayer.  It comes from the Mass For the Preservation of Peace and Justice which we were allowed to use this 23rd Sunday in OT by the USCCB.


O God, Creator of the world, under whose governance the design for all the ages unfolds,be attentive, we pray, to our petitions and grant to our times tranquility and peace, that we may exult with unceasing joy in praise of your great mercy.  Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.  AMEN.




The sky has been extremely dark over South Dartmouth the last several days and that makes things rather gloomy all around.  Haven’t you ever noticed that people tend to be a bit more grouchy and their dispositions are not as bright as when we’ve had a good stretch of weather?  I know that I have.  I’ll give you an example of what I mean.  Yesterday, Tuesday 9 October 2012, I needed to go to the supermarket to pick up a few items.  I very cautiously entered the parking lot of the Stop n Shop and made my way to find a space.  I signaled and turned right into a free space.  I noticed that the car in front of me had an elderly woman in the driver’s seat and she had her head titled downward.  I put my car into park and turned the key and removed it from the ignition.  I continued to look at this elderly woman wondering if she was alright.  I opened my car door to exit and all of a sudden she looked up and proceeded to drive right into my car.  Fortunately, there was no damage.  This is when it got interesting.  My senior citizen friend began ranting and raging that she couldn’t drive forward (apparently, he reverse option is broken!) and was waving her arms telling me that I was so wrong to take the space as she was ready to leave.  People are now looking at this scene in the parking and of course, I had just come from the hospital and so was dressed in a black suit with clerical collar.  Picture clear enough for you.  If the woman whose day I obviously ruined yesterday is reading this please note: I did not single out that particular parking space to terrorize you!  Let’s pray that the sun will soon return as I think that we are all suffering from a lack of vitamin D!!!