St. Mary’s Ladies Guild

History of St. Mary’s Ladies Guild

St. Mary’s Ladies Guild was founded in 1949 by a group of women who wanted to form a sorority within the church to promote friendship and Christian service to the Parish.  Since the inception, the Guild has continued with its original premise and has grown over the years.  The main purpose of the Guild has always been to help advance our students with the help of scholarships and to aid the parish financially in whatever capacity we can achieve through fundraising and volunteering.The future of the Ladies Guild rest in the hope that more parishioners will come forward and join.  We would like to build a solid base with our older members and have the younger members learn from their experience.  All  ladies, (younger or older) can enjoy the many benefits the guild has to offer. Our meetings offer something fun and interesting that everyone can enjoy.  The joy that you will receive by serving your parish in the guild will be rewarding.

Ladies Guild Officers ~ 2013-2014

2017 – 2018  Ladies Guild Officers

President  Lynn Medeiros
Vice President Carol Sylvia
Secretary Gail Costa
Corresponding Secretary Mary Noble
Treasurer Patricia Charros
Board of Directors

Cindy Vieira 
Marge Bourgeois
Beverly Wheeler


Why join St. Mary’s Ladies’ Guild? Activities
Support your Parish
Meet great women
Make new Friends
Share your Talents
Enjoy Community
Award Scholarships
Serve on The Board
Be a DCCW delegate
Donate to charity
Eat delicious food
Live, Laugh and Love with us
Decide your own reason to join us

General Meetings
Pot Luck Suppers
Game Nights
Scholarship Fundraising
Christmas Charity Events
Installation Banquet
Memorial Mass
Holiday Celebrations
Bake Sales



2013 President and Advisor to the Board of Directors







The Ladies Guild meets once a month on a Tuesday Night.  We have a general meeting and then a short program.  It’s a great way to meet some really nice ladies and gain new friends.  Our ladies have a lot to offer the parish Community.  Each month we share our thoughts and enjoy the company of good friends plus enjoy homemade refreshments are worth the “price of admission”







 Meeting Dates

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 
Christmas Party 
Parish Center at 6:00PM

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018    
Ladies Guild Meeting~Guest Speaker
Parish Center at 6:30PM

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018
Ladies Guild Meeting ~ Pound Auction
Parish Center at 6:30PM

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018   
Ladies Guild Meeting ~ Mother’s Day Theme
Parish Center at 6:30PM

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018
Ladies Guild Meeting ~ Cookout/Picnic Theme
Parish Center at 6:30 PM


Calendar of Events

For Information or tickets to all up-coming Events you can contact
Carol or Lynn at  508-287-2313.

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

Wine Tasting

May 19th (rain date May 20th)
Yard Sale
Anyone interested can purchase a Table(s)/or just a marked area.
Selling of flowers for Mother’s Day


 Sunshine Committee 

Ruth Santos

Pat Charros 

Marge Bourgeois

Gail Costa

Stella Souza

Barbara Mello

Ruth Santos

Dolores Ferro

Carol Sylvia




Join Us

The Ladies Guild meets every 2nd Tuesday of each month with the exception of January, February, July and August.

The Works of the Ladies Guild are to help support our parish and hold events which raise money to give out scholarships and donate to the needy and provide items and/or funds for parish projects. It is also a place to meet and make some new friendships.

The Ladies Guild welcomes all who want to join and become part of this great group. We strive at working together to provide for our Parish and help others in need. At our Monthly Meetings we meet and discuss what ever is necessary followed by an activity which includes coffee/tea and pastries which allows for that individual conversation and friendships that are made and taken with each of us outside the guild meetings.

Who Can Join

Any registered woman parishioner and any non-registered Catholic woman.

Annual dues of $12.00 may be mailed or dropped in collection box.  
Dues are  Payable at September meeting.


St Mary's Ladies Guild ~ Membership Application

We would love to hear from you! Please fill our online application.


Click application for a printable form to be mailed to the address below:

Mail to:

St. Mary’s Ladies Guild
783 Dartmouth Street
Dartmouth, MA  02748