The familiar first reading that we hear at Mass this morning, familiar to most of us, is an account from the Book of Exodus of those things that transpired after God had saved the Israelites from the Egyptians by allowing them to pass through the waters of the Red Sea.  The Israelites must have been amazed at the great theophany they witness.  By using Moses, the water is cut in two so that a wall of water is to their right and to their left as they pass safely pass through only to see the water come crashing in over the Egyptians.  All of Pharoah’s chariots and charioteers perish.  Initially, the Israelites are grateful to God and sing a great hymn of praise thanking the LORD for saving them that day.  Fast forward a time later and we hear that the Israelites are grumbling because they have no food.  They complain to Moses and Moses tells God and God provides. 

How often do we grumble and the LORD answers our prayers?  Sure, He might not always answer our prayers as we might want them to be answered but he hears us.  How often are our prayers heard; we give thanks to God and then, just as quickly as we give Him thanks, we forget the ways in which he comes to us in answer to our prayers and begin to grumble!?  I think that grumbling is a good thing….as long as we keep it up!  It’s a sort of form of prayer, no?  Each and every time Israel grumbled, the LORD heard and answered…but they forgot!  Perhaps today, we can grumble to God and when we witness His immense power and presence let us not be quick to forget! 

Grumble away………………….!


3 thoughts on “Grumbling…..

  1. How I miss your sermons–they are short and right to the point God listens and we do grumble–I can’t remember how often when I haven’t been able to find a parking space and grumble and then one opens up–God is so very good and I know he answers when it’s the right time. Thank you for reminding us not to forget how much God does for us!!

  2. We sure couldn’t grumble about today’s weather! I guess that our human nature has a “grumble” gene that pops up whenever things don’t seem to go “our way”. I’m training myself into believing that it’s “His” way and that “He” knows what’s best for “me”! Some days my brain accepts this thinking better than on others, but I do feel that I grumble far less as I age!

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