Middle School Grades 7-8



 Lifeline is made up of two components, both a Middle School Ministry and a High School Youth ministry.

Lifeline Middle School is a Catholic middle school youth ministry experience created for youth in grades seven and eight. The program is designed to meet the educational, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of junior high youth.   The needs of these youth in a ministry program are quite different from children in Christian Formation and high school teenagers in Lifeline.  They are literally caught in the middle… as Church it is our responsibility to see to it that our middle school kids experience Christ in an exciting and dynamic program that challenges them and invites them to walk with Jesus, as well as being in tune with their unique needs.

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Grade 7 & 8 Prayer Guide

Grade 7 & 8 Registration Form

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Components of Lifeline Middle School Ministry:

Similar to the Lifeline High School Model there are four main components to the Middle School Ministry.

1.  The Holy Mass
The Eucharist is central to the faith of all Catholics. Especially Middle Schoolers. The goal is to provide a warm and welcoming environment for teens to experience the mystery of the Mass.

2.  Middle School Nights
A Parish that provides solid systematic catechesis during the middle school years lays a foundation for their high school formation and beyond.

3.  Service & Community Activities
Youth need to know that they can make a difference today.  Service activities and projects are an excellent way for youth to help others and build up the body of Christ.

4.  Parent Component
The parent component of Lifeline is designed to assist parents in raising their  middle schooler. Throughout the year various educational and spiritual sessions and opportunities will be provided to parents.

 For more information on St. Mary’s Middle School Youth Ministry Program please contact us at  lifeline@stmarysdartmouth.org.


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Middle School Forms:

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Online Lessons:

Grade 7

online cube Welcome to our e-learning  page for Grades 7 . Click here to go to the online learning site. 

If you have any questions please email us at lifeline@stmarysdartmouth.org. 


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Grade 8 

Grade 8 / Confirmation I Students will be asked to complete a series of 6 Online Lessons.  The online lessons will consist of 2 parts: watching a series of videos for each lesson and completing the corresponding assignments in their Decision Point Confirmation Books.  You will find all lessons posted below along with the due dates for each lesson.  Click on the session name to access the lesson videos.  All videos for each lesson must be watched (i.e. videos 1.0-1.5 must be watched in order to complete the book assignment).  All students are to attend every in-class session with their Decision Point books.  Online Lessons will be reviewed the following In-Class Session.  If you have any questions please email lifeline@stmarysdartmouth.org.


Decision Point Confirmation Online Lessons


Lesson/Session  Date Assigned  Assignment Due Date
 Session 1: Life is Choices  October 30th December 4th
 Session 2: What’s Holing You Back December 11th  January 8th
Session 3: The Jesus Question January 22nd February 12th
Session 4: The Prayer Process February 26 March 19
Session 5: The Bible March 19 April 2
Session 6: Relationships April 2 April 9

Upcoming Events:

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Community Service Opportunities:

Click the link icon below to see what available community service opportunities are coming up.

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2017 – 2018 Middle School Theme:  The Lion and the Lamb  

Theme Song: The Lion and the Lamb by Big Daddy Weave


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